General Dentistry

A higher level of dental care.

Dr. Scroggins practices gentle dental care with a focus on not just your teeth but your overall health and well-being. He firmly believes that oral health greatly impacts overall health and, ultimately, contributes to an improved quality of life. That’s why you can count on him and his friendly staff to recognize your individual dental needs and make time to fulfill them.

dreamstimeYou’ll receive one-on-one care customized to your liking. We always take the time to make sure that you are numb, to listen to your concerns, to explain our procedures and to answer your questions. We use the latest, gentlest equipment. There’s beverages and hot bread for your enjoyment. And we offer warm blankets, neck pillows and oral sedation to put you at ease. Simply put, Dr. Scroggins and his caring staff will go out of their way to make you feel at home.

Small wonder that about half of Dr. Scroggins new patients come to him from referrals by satisfied patients!

The high-tech advantage is yours.

Dr. Scroggins office is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology needed to provide you with the most advanced, comfortable and convenient dental experience of your life. You’ll obtain a healthier, more beautiful smile with:

  • Intraoral cameras that let you see what Dr. Scroggins sees and allow for more accurate diagnoses
  • CAESY® patient-education videos
  • CAESY® education system:
    SmileLink, Patient Education and Dental Health Guides.
  • State-of-the-art nonsurgical gum care
  • Hospital-level sterilization and low-dose digital X-rays for your family’s protection
  • Gentle, thorough ultrasonic cleanings

It all starts with a comprehensive exam.

At Dr. Scroggins office, you’ll receive the most thorough dental exam possible. Using an intraoral camera for a more detailed exam, Dr. Scroggins will gently check for cavities, gum disease, chipped and broken teeth, oral cancer, loose crowns and fillings and more.